Hiya 👋🏻

👨🏻‍💻 I Write Code

As far as my day-job goes, I'm currently a Software Engineer at Orange Barrel Media (which is awesome 😁) and I help define and build IKE Smart City.

Outside of that, I own a small web-focused development group called Sarge Sites, where I primarily handle back-end performance and security. Our team covers the full stack and aims to partner with good people and build successful digital identities.

🚴🏻‍♂️ I Ride Bikes

I'm a bit of a cycling fanatic. Often called 'Clyde' by my close friends, I am indeed a Clydesdale Cyclist and will write about cycling often on this site. I rode well over two-thousand miles for 2019 and while I love riding for the sake of riding and the community that accompanies it, I'm also passionate about riding for more. Check out my latest rides on Strava or call me up and let's get some miles in!

My current road machine is a Trek Madone 4.5 rockin a 46-tooth one-by on an 11x32, and my adventure / bike-packing / winter-commuting bike is a Trek X-Caliber 8 called 'The Tank'.

🎸 I Play Music

I'm a musician and have been all my life. I've been playing drums off and on since the year 2000, electric and acoustic guitar since 2013, and have been singing since I was a young child. I typically play in the lands of country, gospel, blues, pop, rock, and CCM, but am always open to learning new things and rockin' with new people. When I play out I run 100% Kemper, but at home I often play in my living room with a great Vox AC4 😁. Here's a track I recorded for fun back in college with way too many guitar solos 😉

🎙 I Mix Shows

I'm also a professional audio tech / audio engineer. While working on my Computer Science degree in school I was the director of a mid-size sound company in East-Central Ohio. I've built a number of audio rigs from the ground up and have been the head engineer for a number of large shows including T-Pain and Aaron Carter. I currently serve as head Audio Engineer for a couple of churches in the Columbus area and consult for Denison University to put on large shows with visiting artists.

🚙 I Travel

I love traveling, especially if it means road-tripping, biking, or walking. Cycling has been a great means to drive all over the midwest for events but there's just something so cool about getting around a culture that isn't your own... and I think driving through corn fields is peaceful. 🌽

That's me ✌🏻

PS. I'm proud to be one of The Sullivans